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latest whitening kit "Big White Smile"- product


High-quality whitening gel designed to deliver excellent whitening results with noticeable effects after just a few days. Innovative formula containing desensitisers and with optimum water content to hydrate the teeth during treatment and avoid sensitivity. As well as removing surface stains, the whitening gels penetrate into the centre of the tooth and whiten from the inside out, for an effective and long-lasting effect. Intended for use with a custom-designed application tray for a controlled way to whiten teeth. Concentrated viscous gel for stability during application. pH neutral formula is kind to teeth. Potassium nitrate and fluoride combined sensitivity management. Minimum wear time and subtle mint flavour.

Wear times: 6% HP for 1 – 1.5 hours; 16% CP for 4 – 6 hours;
10% CP for 8 – 10 hours or overnight.

Each syringe contains enough gel to whiten for 3-4 upper and lower applications, giving up to 2 weeks of whitening performance.

ECO friendly packaging

The very first company to provide the whitening kit in a 100% recycled box.

Available in:

6% Hydrogen Peroxide Kit
10% Carbamide Peroxide Kit
16% Carbamide Peroxide Kit

Pack contents: 4 x 3ml syringes

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